"When the jack broke off in the back of my business laptop I thought it was all over! Another shop said it could't be fixed and tried to sell me a new machine plus charge to retrieve my data. You guys are lifesavers! Thanks for the fix."

-Ted Modica, Northshore Communications

Is your computer running slow or you can't access the Internet? Did the kids spill juice on the keyboard or did you crack your LCD screen or pull the AC jack loose?

Whether you come from New Orleans, Metairie or Kenner area, we at New Orleans Laptops know that you aren't always sure what the problem is with your computer or if it is even worth saving. If you bring your computer in to us, for a fee of $20.00, we will check your computer and diagnose the problem. Once the problem is determined our technicians will call and give you an idea of the cost of the repair or suggest a trade in or trade up. You can decide what you'd like to do and the $20 fee goes toward any repair or purchase. *Please note that while your computer is being "operated on" there is a chance of losing data, photos, etc. which may be important to you. Please inform the technician if you'd like him to save your data to a disc ($40 our price) whenever taking your valuable memories to any computer shop for repairs.


All of our technicians are certified and have years of experience in computer repair and networking. In addition to repairing your computer we also offer upgrades in space (larger hard drive) and memory (more RAM).

We install WiFi, games, video cards, software, printer drivers, re-install your Windows or other operating system and more.

We can retrieve data and info from your hard drive and install DVD burners to replace a simple DVD player.

Soldering of loose or broken Laptop AC jacks $159.00
Replacing broken LCD screens and hinges $159 up
Laptop Keyboard replacement $69.00 up
Install New Hard Drive $135.00 up
Install an Operating System $65.00
Save and back up files $40.00
Laptop Power AC cords $49-59.00
Expert Desktop Computer Repair  

NOTE: These prices are based on the average so please call ahead and let us know the model and make of your machine to be sure.

Customer Service

Our staff is here to assist you before and after the sale with unsurpassed service. In addition to our great deals, we offer warranty and guarantee programs.

*Warranty. We offer a 30 day warranty on all off-lease computers that are purchased from us. (Many of our laptops used or new may still have a manufacturer warranty still on them so if the product is not clearly marked, please feel free to ask). Our 30 day warranty will allow you to return your computer if you incur any problems with the hardware in the computer. We will fix your computer at no cost to you or we will give you 100% of the purchase price toward another model or upgrade within this time period. *Must have your original receipt. Before any warranty or guarantee can be honored, our techs will need to test your trade in to make sure it is in good working condition. If there is any breakage, software, user error issues, viruses, etc. these are not honored under the warranty or guarantee.

New Products are covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

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